Our Biggest Beauty Blunders


It seems no one is exempt when it comes to beauty blunders. Even as beauty professionals, we’ve had our fair share. For some light-hearted fun and a bit of a giggle, we asked our gorgeous girls about their biggest beauty boo-boos.



I’ve had a couple of bloopers but the funnier ones are the mistakes I’ve made on others—or more precisely my daughter Libby—over-waxing an eyebrow and accidentally reusing the removal tape that had wax on it. Outcome: half an eyebrow remaining.

LIBBY—Purchasing & Production Manager

Letting my tipsy mother wax my eyebrows…I ended up with half an eyebrow!

JAMEE—Brand Manager

The beauty blunders that immediately come to mind for me all revolve around the dreaded Brazilian wax. OMG have I gotten myself into some states trying to give myself a Brazilian wax at home—not only do my floor mats end up covered in wax and consequently in the bin, but you also have to psyche yourself up into the ripping the strips off. I always recommend going and getting it done by the professionals. And by professionals, I mean do some research. Again—I have had some horrific “Brazilians” overseas when travelling and it doesn’t end well. Do some research and make sure that you go somewhere reputable that has reviews, especially in places like Bangkok! Actually, avoid this at all costs.

CHARLOTTE—Design Coordinator

I raise my hand at the classic over-tanned look of the early-naughties era. A broke uni student nonetheless—every penny of over-claimed student debt went into the purchase of my own sun bed. This was only ever going to be something I would regret for years to come. Though a golden hue at the time, the fragmented reminder in the form of freckles are here to stay… not to mention the full-throttle acceleration on ageing this must have had all-round. Eek!

MEGHAN—Education & Training Manager

I can think of two shockers! I tried to pierce my friend’s ears with a sewing needle and a champagne cork held behind her ear lobe. No sterilisation, just an ice cube held on her ear for a few mins for pain relief. Both our faces drained of colour as we tried (but failed) to get the needle through the back of her ear. I still get the shivers when I remember the sight of the needle trying to poke through the skin, needless to say neither of us had the guts to finish the job. Bad idea ladies, pay the $20 and get it done with the piercing gun at the chemist.  
Also, the time that I swapped some of my make-up for my friend’s super strength ‘dentist only’ teeth whitening gel. Her dentist’s instructions were to only leave the gel on for 30 mins once-a-day so of course I thought I’d leave it on for an hour because the longer the better, right? Then I hopped into bed to watch tele, fell asleep and woke up 5-6 hours later to excruciating pain shooting up from my teeth. I ran to the bathroom to wash my mouth out and my gums where completely white—like a chemical burn—and bleeding A LOT. My teeth were throbbing and all patchy. Panic set in and I imagined my teeth falling out one by one. I had to take paracetamol the pain was so bad and the throbbing didn’t go away for two days. I had patchy white teeth for ages after that.

CHRISTINA—Executive Assistant

I went through a phase of getting weekly spray tans. At the time, I thought I looked great with a ‘healthy glow’ but looking back on it (and in photos), I was actually a funny shade “oompaloopa” orange as I wasn’t taking it off properly between sprays—just layer upon layer of spray tan for months! It wasn’t only not a good look, it also wasn’t good for my skin!

KERI—PR & Marketing Coordinator

I wasn’t an overly spotty teenager; however, it was definitely quality over quantity. I once tried to disinfect a whopper on my chin with undiluted Dettol. Result: a chemical burn on top of my massive pimple.
I also bleached my own hair to what I thought would be a nice shade of ‘Bombshell Blonde’ however it turned out ‘Big Bird Yellow’ instead! With a baseball cap for disguise I headed to my nearest hairdresser for an urgent fix.

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