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Product description

Alpha-H’s award-winning Balancing Cleanser is rich in Vitamin E and Aloe Vera which help to completely remove all traces of face and eye makeup and correct the skin’s pH balance.
A creamy three-in-one cleanser, Balancing Cleanser works to correct the skin’s natural pH balance, effectively replacing the need for separate eye makeup remover, face wash and toner.
Vitamin E is well known for its ability to help repair and hydrate skin and neutralise free radicals, while Aloe Vera rejuvenates and moisturises the complexion.
This perfectly balanced formulation helps to repair a stripped or impaired acid mantle and will not remove your skin’s naturally occurring oils and moisture.
Instead, Balancing Cleanser sooths and comforts dry, tight or irritated skin, and reduces the evaporation of moisture from the skin’s surface.
Detergent-free and non-foaming, Balancing Cleanser gently sweeps away toxins and debris, and is suitable for use on all skin types; especially those who have dry, dehydrated or sensitive skin.
Balancing Cleanser is suitable for use in the morning and evening and is both safe and gentle enough for use on the sensitive eye area.
Balancing Cleanser was named Best Cleanser in the 2012 Look Fantastic Hair & Beauty Awards.
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All skin types

3-in-1 action
Gentle and safe to use over the eye area
Repairs a stripped and impaired acid mantle
Soothing cleansing milk safe to use on all skin types
Does not remove the skin's naturally occurring oils and moisture
Reduces moisture evaporation from skin surface
Brings comfort to dry, tight and irritated skin

Best Cleanser – Look Fantastic Hair & Beauty Awards 2012

Made with love in Australia