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Product description

Is your skin thirsty and in need of a little TLC? Then this luxe cleansing balm is the one for you! Containing a cocktail of essential oils, Sea Buckthorn, Rose Hip and Geranium, this nourishing balm will cleanse the skin while replenishing much-needed moisture. This cleanser, toner, makeup remover and soothing balm melts away makeup and impurities leaving the skin clean and satin soft.

Normal, dry, mature.

4-in-1 cleanser, toner, makeup remover and soothing balm.
Repairs and strengthens skin’s protective acid mantle.
Alleviates discomfort, tightness and, irritation on supersensitive skins.
Can be used as a pre-cleanse and followed by an alternate cleanser.
Recommended to be used as a balm overnight for intense nourishment for dry skins.

Made with love in Australia