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Product description

Bridging the gap between cosmetic counters and invasive procedures... Liquid Laser is a non-invasive application of advanced anti-ageing technologies using a unique low pH delivery system designed to resist age induced skin changes. The cornerstone of the Liquid Laser range, this velvety light gel serum provides weightless long-lasting hydration, skin-firming benefits and exemplary brightening properties using a combination of plant extracts, potent antioxidants and natural AHA’s. Central to this approach is Juveleven, a revolutionary new Hexapeptide, which mimics the action of the hydra jellyfish, a freshwater organism nicknamed the “immortal jellyfish”. Hydranov-P, naturally derived from Scandinavian Red Algae helps to increase deep-seated moisture within the skin.

Mature skin

Helps assist in regenerating healthy skin

Helps reduce skin imperfections
Helps give skin a plumper appearance
Helps improve the look of sun induced damage
Helps reduce skin discolourations
For skin that needs more than prevention
Zero downtime