What does it mean to be an Alpha-H stockist?

Here at Beauty Bay, we pride ourselves on being 'in the know', especially when it comes to skincare because it's so important to be clued up about what you're putting on your skin. We're proud to stock Alpha-H because it's an ingredients-first brand which puts so much emphasis on integrity when it comes to product formulations, and our customers love Alpha-H because they can access professional style treatments at an affordable price point. 


Right now we're about to enter festival season, so all things glitter and holographic are taking centrestage, makeup-wise. As for skincare, our customers love innovation – masks, peels, and products that are transparent about their ingredients are becoming more popular as people realise the importance of being smart about what you put on your skin. 


What are your top selling Alpha-H products on the site?

Liquid Gold, the Beauty Sleep Power Peel and the Daily Essential Moisturiser.

What's the one Alpha-H product you can't live without?

I slather Alpha-H Beauty Sleep Power Peel on my face twice a week before bed. It's the only product I've found that makes a difference overnight – you'll literally see that your skin is clearer and brighter as soon as you wake up. It's been one of the best products I've used for fading acne scars and keeping skin clear all year round. 

What three beauty products would you take to a desert island and why? 

Definitely a cleanser – I don't feel awake (or ready for bed) until I've washed my face. SPF, because that's got to be the most important thing you need on a desert island, right? And finally, mascara, because it's the one thing I never, ever leave the house without. 

What are your essentials for creating a fresh summer look? 

I'd always start with SPF, of course. Then a really light base – anything too heavy feels uncomfortable in the heat, but it's nice to still have a bit of coverage. Bronzer is definitely an essential – it gives you that healthy summer glow in an instant and just makes everything look better. 

Three words that best describe Alpha-H: 

Smart, powerful... lifesaving! 

What are the Beauty Bay staff favourites? 

I think it's safe to say that we all have a bottle of Liquid Gold in our bathrooms. When new starters join and ask for product recommendations, that's always one of the top call-outs. It's such a versatile product because it works for so many different skin concerns, from acne to wrinkles. Even the guys at BB HQ love it! 

What are your 5 must have skincare items?  

Beauty Sleep Power Peel – A gamechanger if you have red marks or scars left over from breakouts 
Liquid Gold – The OG. It's easy to see why this is so popular, it performs miracles. 
Vitamin Profiling Collection – I got so excited when this launched, the concept of cocktailing serums to suit your individual skin concerns is super clever. 
Liquid Gold Smoothing & Perfecting Mask – One of the most luxurious, spa-like masks that I own. Plus, it does amazing things to your face. 
Daily Essential Moisturiser SPF50+ - Non-greasy and lightweight, this is brilliant because you can wear it under makeup as a primer. 




2 for 1 liquid gold

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Daily Essential Moisturiser &
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